Password Protected Posts

Occasionally a post on this site may be password protected. This seems a little bit odd on something as harmless as a crochet and food blog but I do have a good reason.

When I put up a new pattern I’ll get it tested before I release it onto the general public. The aim being not to repeat some early embarrassments of having a very popular pattern that no one could successfully replicate. (Oops!)

The easy way to put up a pattern for testing is to stick it on the blog, password protect it and only give out the password to testers.

When I have had their feedback I make the post public and let you all do what you will.

Consider password protection to be for your own benefit.

If you have a better system, drop me a line.

5 Comments on “Password Protected Posts”

  1. Gail Placko says:

    Ohh, Ohh. Please share this with me when it is finished, Love, love the pattern! Saw this and had to find out more. I am greeniris on Ravelry. Please pm me when it is finished testing.

  2. CORINDA ALLEN says:

    Would love to have this pattern and how do you become a tester?

    • quincetart says:

      Thank you for offering to test. Right now I actually have enough testers and will lose track if I get any more. I’m sorry. However I hope to have enough feedback through to open the post to the public in the next week or two.

      Thank you very much for volunteering though. I really appreciate it!

  3. CORINDA ALLEN says:

    OK THANK YOU SO MUCH…Would love to have this pattern

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