Really? You want to know more? OK.

I’m a Londoner.

I work in the charity sector.

I’m of a pretty scientific turn of mind.

I like art and cultural stuff but I’m really not well informed about it.

I almost never read women’s magazines and believe them to be fundamentally bad for your mental health.

I almost never watch TV and know next to nothing about celebrities.

I love eating out and probably drink a little more than is good for me.

I run regularly.

I read lots. Fast.

I garden and am mildly obsessed with irises.

I love comments.

I can be emailed at yarnandspices [at] gmail [dot]  com.

7 Comments on “About”

  1. Mandie says:

    oh goodness I like your blog! You’ve inspired me for a bunch of new posts. much love to you.

  2. bitsofbruce says:

    I stopped by to say hi! and give you the Liebster Blog award. Stop by my site to find out more, and claim your award (and then share it with some of your favorite blogs).

  3. Marie says:

    Are you my “twin”? Cooking and yarn manipulation of some sort or another are two of my faves. Thank You for that wide brimmed hat pattern, it’s is in my to-make book….it’ll be great for keeping off the Florida sun. Much success for the New year!

  4. jd wolfe says:

    i LOVE your blog and your frugal yarn winder! i’m so glad i ran across your blog. i’ve written an article about your blog that will publish on my blog on april 9, 2013. hope you’ll take a look.

    thanks for sharing all your creative ideas! can’t wait to see more.

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