And in the meantime…

Hello lovely readers!

I apologise for the long absence. I’ve had all sorts going on in my personal and professional life which has taken me away from both posting on this blog and actually from  crocheting altogether.

I have written the odd guest post for The Vintage Cookbook Trials if you really missed me.

I also have begun a new pattern and I’m trying to get excited about it because it’s an idea that’s been in my head for ages but really… I just can’t. I’m sorry.

No crochet love right now. It’s all gone. I hope it will be back.

So, what am I doing that’s taking my attention from designing and making?

Well, firstly, I stopped being self-employed and got a full-time job, which is ace but involves lots of travel and learning. This is taking alot of my energy and headspace but I am enjoying it and the financial security has lifted a huge weight from my mind.

Secondly, I have been very focussed on my own well-being lately. Just over a year ago I ejected someone very toxic from my life for good. Someone I had been close to who’d been hanging around making me increasingly miserable for nearly 5 years! It takes a remarkable length of time to exorcise people like this from one’s mind.

During the last months of being in that person’s company and the year that followed, I escaped into crochet as a flow activity. It allowed my brain to process what had happened while my consciousness was focussed on something else. Something controllable, creative and satisfying.

When the anniversary of the final ejection came around it was as if I woke up and decided to move into the future. That has involved becoming more physically active, getting some counselling to help me learn how to avoid toxic idiots in future, treating myself to some pampering and having some good old-fashioned fun.

I have been to a spa, gone out dancing, started running again now that my injured ankle has more or less healed, bought some new clothes, had a good haircut  and started just plain walking taller.

I have for the time being more or less stopped crocheting, checking Ravelry and updating this blog. I’m sorry.

On the upside, when I get around to getting the ingredients together I have a lovely summer salad recipe for you.

I haven’t generally talked about my personal life on this blog. It’s been what it says on the tin, a recipe and crochet blog. I hope you’ll forgive me this little splurge and stick by me. I also have some personal musings on weight and diet that if you want to read them, I would like to post. Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, I’ll be back.

My best wishes to you all.

4 Comments on “And in the meantime…”

  1. Ariel says:

    No apology needed for this reader! I’m so glad to hear you’re turning your (formidable) creative energies toward some self-care for the time being. Best of luck at the new job!

  2. gossycrafts says:

    I enjoy your musings, both in succinct form on twitter and fleshed out here.
    So glad to hear you’re in a better head space and walking tall out in the world.
    Sending you waves of crochet love, hoping to reignite yours. 🙂

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