A Playful Afternoon

Surrey is, as my friend described it ‘the only county that’s an apology’. Home of the stockbroker belt and similar commuterishness. Tory heartland. (Do they have hearts? Anyway there were flags on everything.) Oh and yes, lush, pretty, green countryside and self-consciously quaint villages and all that nonsense. I’m a town girl. Can you tell? And I’m from the other side of London. Surrey can go jump.

Interknit Cafe

Interknit Cafe

Apart, that is, from the Interknit Cafe in Farnham, where I spent a lovely afternoon with Greentrianglegirl from A Playful Day and friends. The journey down is best left undescribed. Suffice to say Sunday train timetabling and a young woman with her family who thought just having turned 21 entitled her to yap persistently into her mobile phone in the quiet carriage made it a less than enjoyable trip.

BUT once I arrived all was good cheer. This is a lovely little local yarn shop with the emphasis on yarn. They have a gorgeous selection and how I managed to leave with only a set of stitch markers I don’t know since I seem to be on a massive stash binge at the moment. There was very nearly some special offer Hacho in my bag. Oh so very nearly.

There are lots of books and patterns around the shop and the owner is very knowledgable and helpful (although she says she sometimes tends to sit and knit and chat and not notice customers asking questions until they’ve asked three times).

You can get a good cuppa and they do nice biscuits and I’m given to  understand that the fish and chip shop around the corner is a wonder, although they were closed when I was there so I can’t personally verify this.

Give and Make Up

Give and Make Up

What I can verify is that I had a lovely afternoon with GTG and friends and would willingly go back in spite of it being in Surrey and thus not only outside the M25 but heading in the wrong  direction. GTG was also on a donation drive for Give and Make Up a very worthy cause which you should absolutely  support. We had fun. Go to Interknit and I suspect you will have fun too.


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