An quick update and a new FO!

I am so sorry not to have been posting lately. I have had personal reasons with which I won’t bore you all. However I have a cake recipe sat in storage waiting for me to finish tweaking and get some decent photos taken.

I also have some lovely FOs to share one of which I will put up today. My red shawl is complete!

Look! Pretty innit?

Red wool thread shawl

Red wool thread shawl

I am really happy with this. I had to frog and re-work the last three rows about four times in order to have enough thread but in the end it’s worked out nicely.

Blocking this made a huge difference. It increased about a third in size and the lovely open texture of the single crochets made itself clear. (Yes I have the world’s loosest tension.) I also finished the grey cardigan in my WIP Weds post and frogged the blue one. I know some people will be disappointed but as I said in the post I do actually already have one like it and it was really a second attempt. I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I have steam blocked both cardies now and will put up photos soon.

Blocking red thread shawl

Blocking red thread shawl

Red thread shawl close up

Red thread shawl close up

7 Comments on “An quick update and a new FO!”

  1. gossycrafts says:

    I really like the new shawl. Lacy in the right places, but solid enough across the arms to provide a real touch of warmth. Beautifully done!

  2. northernnarratives says:

    Gorgeous! Judy

  3. dana pallessen says:

    i have seen that you hae posted patterns for other items. do you have a posting of the pattern for the lovely red shawl? dana pallessen

    • quincetart says:

      I’m sorry Dana. I didn’t make a note of what I was doing for the red shawl so I can’t write the pattern.

      I’m very flattered that you like it enough to want to make it but I’m afraid it’s a one off.

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