Work in Progress Wednesday Take 1

Top of chevron lace cardigan

Top of chevron lace cardigan

Tami’s Amis started a Work in Progress Wednesdays Meme which I thought was a good idea.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make this is a regular feature as my work life is picking up at the moment but I thought I’d join in this time as it sounds fun.

At the moment I have all sorts of work mid-hook. I really need to get cracking and finish a few of them but I have been trying to learn patience from my knitting friends and make some more substantial and satisfying garments.

There are two cardigans. One is a navy blue chevron lace cardigan based on this pattern from Without Seams. It is a second attempt because although I like the first attempt I wanted to adapt the pattern a little. It’s a very simple adaptable top down pattern.

The second is a top down slip stitch crochet cardigan with a decorative yolk and a plain body. I am currently trying to decide whether it will have sleeves.

First attempt at slip stitching

First attempt at slip stitching

Both of the above are in horrid Robin acrylic DK. I don’t use this yarn except as an experimental yarn. I lack confidence when it comes to bigger garments with shaping and so on so I have shied away from using nice yarn until I feel I’ve got the hang of this a bit better. I had (along with so many others) a very expensive mistake in my past which I may tell you some time if you ask nicely.

That said the slip stitch cardy looks remarkably classy even so. Something in the texture is bringing out the best in the yarn. It’s creating a depth and variation of colour that doesn’t actually exist.

I’m somewhat thrilled to have discovered slip stitching because it’s a way of making crochet more solid and drapey. It has a subtlety that normal crochet lacks and can make things that look not dissimilar to knitting. So yay for more variety of styling in my craft! Also yay for knit look garments that take less time than knitting. (Although they are still slower than ordinary crochet.)

Sexy red lace

Sexy red lace

Then there is a lace thread shawlette. It’s pure deep red wool and is a straightforward lace shawlette. I have been a little bit uncertain about this from time to time as the lace was less delicate than I had originally hoped. Also I  haven’t been able to keep track of the stitch count very effectively so there’s been some ruffling and cupping to contend with.

Still it looks pretty good actually on and I’m feeling more confident that it’ll be pretty once it’s finished.  When I get to the outer edge I’m going to add some more lace to that too. I’m really hoping it’ll block out well.

Although the shawlette and the slip stitch cardy are all improvised I’m not going to be putting the patterns up. I don’t want to have to work out sizing for the cardy and to be honest I can’t remember how I did the shawlette. They are all just going to have to be one offs.

Hurry up and dry!

Hurry up and dry!

I have another project on the go which I can’t talk about because I think it’s going to be a gift. It just depends on how it turns out. I’m having lots of fun with another new technique but I don’t know whether it will be good enough to actually give to someone.

Finally I have unravelled a cashmere cardigan of mine that got moth holes and anyway never really suited me. The colour was way too bright. I’ve dyed the yarn with a navy dye and am currently waiting for it to dry. So this is a pre-work in progress.

If I really concentrated the chevron lace cardigan could be an FO in no time but I’m enjoying it less than the lace and the slip stitch so I’m being lazy with it. The gift has some complicated aspects that have held it back a little but I need to grit my teeth and give it another go. The slip stitch is just a mindless project great for sitting in front of the TV and the red shawlette fits in a bag and is good for when I’m out and about. Of cours what I suspect will happen is that I will finish none of them but will instead start on something with my newly dyed cashmere…

20 Comments on “Work in Progress Wednesday Take 1”

  1. Natalie says:

    Welcome to WIPW 🙂 It’s a pretty good way of keeping track of progress I find.

    Your projects are looking beautiful, I especially love the red lace. Bet it’s gorgeous when it’s finished

  2. sandy says:

    WOW, looks like you’ve been busy. The blue sweater is very pretty, love the color and the pattern. Am most anxious to see the red shawl, it looks very involved and time consuming. Good luck on all fronts.

  3. Stacey says:

    Wow! Both cardigans are looking good!
    And great idea, re-dying the yarn. Can’t wait to see how it looks worked up!

  4. Cris says:

    Great post! What I do is if I have WIPs I want to share, I share; otherwise I don’t participate that week. I really like the red lace shawlette. It looks very delicate…

    and asking nicely: what was your expensive mistake?

    • quincetart says:

      Ha ha! It’s a long story so I will write a post up about it soon. Suffice to say I got beginner’s sweater hubris and wasted nearly £40 worth of Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit. (Shakes head in sadness and shame.)

  5. quincetart says:

    Thanks all for your lovely comments!

    The blue sweater just needs to be finished off and done with. I have let it linger so thanks for the encouragement I will get onto it! It is a great pattern for a relatively new crocheter to actually make a full sized garment.

    The red lace was very involved and is now just at a kind of churn through stage of row after row of single crochets and occasional increases. Still with the lace border it will be pretty and it looks more elegant on a person than it does draped across the sofa!

  6. Nicky says:

    You do great work. Welcome to WIP Wednesdays!!!!

  7. pentalia says:

    Beautiful projects! I LOVE top-down raglans.

  8. Calophi says:

    Oooh, digging the lace! I can’t wait to see it all stretched out.

  9. wypad says:

    Your lace projects are so beautiful! I especially love that red one!

  10. gossycrafts says:

    Aha, I recognise that cardigan! Took me ages to finish mine because of some issue with the sleeves. Otherwise quite the lovely little pattern though.

    I’m interested in your slip stitch project – and probably will look more into the technique myself now. As if I need any more WIPs myself. @_@

    Do you have any idea what you’ll use the cashmere on?

    • quincetart says:

      No ideas as yet but there’s quite a lot of it as you can see so I could actually make something fairly substantial. Time to flick through my Ravelry queue.

  11. affiknitty says:

    I am amazed at how that slip stitch crochet looks like knitting! And what a good idea to unravel and re-dye that yarn. The new color is beautiful.

    • quincetart says:

      Thank you. The real new colour is somewhat greener and greyer than this appears but still very pretty and much more wearable with my skin tone.

      Slip stitch crochet is very cool. There’s a website about it here:

      Or if you’re on Ravelry you could join the group!

  12. Tami says:

    Welcome to WIPW! Thanks so much for joining us. 🙂 All of your projects are so beautiful and I love the brighter colors you use. I agree with slip stitching. It’s great for garments that you want to look more like knitting or just drape better than normal crochet.

    The dyed yarn is beautiful. 🙂

    • quincetart says:

      Thanks Tami!

      I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response that joining WIPW has brought. Everyone’s beeen so lovely.

      I love my pretty colours and can be made to rant at the slightest provocation about British people’s lousy/boring colour sense. In fact, I feel another post coming on!

  13. Liz says:

    I like the color of your newly dyed cashmere-very nice. Looks like you are quite busy. I haven’t picked up a hook in weeks.

    Your Waltzing Fans Shawl is gorgeous. I have copied the pattern and hope to make one.

    • quincetart says:

      Please do and let me know how you get on! I am also really interested to know meterages so please tell me how much yarn/thread it takes.

  14. […] clear. (Yes I have the world’s loosest tension.) I also finished the grey cardigan in my WIP Weds post and frogged the blue one. I know some people will be disappointed but as I said in the post I do […]

  15. […] The other is the final product that I am making with the recycled yarn I talked about in this post. I decided in the end to throw most of it out because winding it all without a swift and ballwinder […]

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