Keep It Simple Stoopid

Bedroom rug made of old sheets

Bedroom rug made of old sheets

Sometimes I forget that simple is an option. I get really excited about fancy new techniques and pretty complicated lace and I forget that it’s  possible to make really nice things very, very simply with a little bit of thought.

When I first learned to crochet one of the things I made for myself was a bedroom rug. It’s just a rectangle of  single crochets made out of 2cm wide strips of old sheeting and a muslin curtain. In spite of it’s humble origins and structure it is a very pleasing object. The two fabrics create a subtle variation in texture and colour. The feeling under my feet is soft but somehow massaging where the stitches create some bulk. It fits with my bedroom’s cool, calm and fairly minimal style. (If I hadn’t gone for this look I would have a hysterical purple boudoir full of silk and gold and mirrors.)

It’s a good thing I like it because making it was kind of a pain. Not the actual crocheting, although not having any giant hooks I had to do all that with my fingers.

Close up of rug texture

Close up of rug texture

No, the cutting of the strips was the real nuisance. It took a remarkably long time and all that cutting and tearing filled my flat with cotton dust and little fibres. I was coughing for days before I realised why, and it felt like my whole world was coated in white fluff for a week.

Anyway, if I remember rightly the rug took two double sheets and a single large curtain to make. It might only have been one double sheet. It measures 160cm by 80cm when as shown in the photos but can obviously be stretched out and become much wider.

I was reminded of it today when I got chatting on twitter with the awesome @loveandtrash whose fabulous blog is here. I thought you might like it. So here it is.

7 Comments on “Keep It Simple Stoopid”

  1. The Hun says:

    Hooray!!! I love this. Thank you for posting the full story. I’m putting it on our Facebook wall today!

  2. pentalia says:

    Love this rug! It’s so fluffy and inviting.

    I know what you mean about the cutting of the “yarn.” The nice thing about using t-shirts is that the debris produced is heavier than sheets’ and it’s not a dust, but more like little-teeny puffs. So they do get all over your lap and floor, but they’re fairly easy to deal with.

    What really gets me is my cutting hand. Owie. It starts hurting pretty fast when cutting the tarn. I try to crochet-up each section after cutting, to give my hand a break.

    • quincetart says:

      I don’t remember my cutting hand getting tired but I remember my wrist getting sore. Even with big sharp scissors it was still a chore but so worth it.

      It is fluffy and comfy on my feet in the morning.

  3. giselle says:

    How do you keep it from being slippery on your wood floors?

    • quincetart says:

      It’s normally tucked in between my bed and my chest of drawers and doesn’t have room to slip anywhere. Good question though. Safety first people!

  4. lola says:

    would you be willing to post more of a tutorial? I want to turn it into a blanket!

    • quincetart says:

      If I get a few minutes I will do. In the meantime I would suggest that as it does tend to shed somewhat it might not be so suitable for a blanket.

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