New pretty things…

So I’ve finished the patterns I was designing on the tube when I had my conversation with the charming book-binder the other day. They are a little bit out of season, especially given what a gorgeous spring we’re having, but they’re done and they are, if I say so myself, as cute as pie. Look!

Hat and gloves for Martina's kits

Hat and gloves for Martina's kits

The stitch is a new one I made up which I think I’m going to name the raised shell stitch. It’s actually quite simple to do and gives this neat effect of making the shells stand out from the fabric each one making a kind of little pocket.

In fact I think two nice ways to personalise this pattern would be:

1. To edge the hat/gloves and the edges of the shells with a contrasting colour yarnto make them stand out more.

2.  To sew a small button or bead into the opening of the pocket of each shell making it look sort of like a flowerbud.

Now as much as I’d love to give all you lovely people this pattern for free I’m afraid I’ve made a promise with this one. It’s going to my dear friend Martina at Yarn To Knit. She’s going to be making these up into kits with each one getting the pattern for the hat or the gloves, a hook and enough of her beautiful hand dyed DK yarn to make them up.

I’m going to visit Martina tomorrow, to take pretty photos as my camera is just the diddly one in my phone. (You might have noticed the less than stellar quality of my pictures.) It’s been hard work making patterns to spec but also one that has spurred me on and I have learnt a great deal.

The hat and gloves are going to Martina for samples and we’ll both be at the Spitalfields City Farm Sheep and Wool Fayre so you can come and see them in real life, meet us and say ‘hi’ and get your hands on some of her scumptious yarn. I’d love to see you there.

Modelling Hebe Hat

Modelling Hebe Hat

2 Comments on “New pretty things…”

  1. Maytheweed says:

    Very pretty. The colour makes them very springlike!

  2. quincetart says:

    Thank you! In real life it’s a slightly deeper more pistachio shade, but definitely springlike. That’s why the working name for now is Hebe, the goddess of spring!

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