Possibly the world’s easiest and most satisfying pattern

Ewes Full Acres Blue Passion Yarn

Ewes Full Acres Blue Passion Yarn

The gorgeous and generous Ms Playful gave me a skein of Ewes FullAcres handspun and handdyed blue passion wool yarn. I’d been eyeballing this stuff thinking it’s rather bright for my normal wear and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Ms Playful suggested slippers but I wasn’t convinced. I normally have hot feet rather than cold ones and the idea of wearing slippers seems foolish to me.

Then I saw this lovely pattern on Ravelry and knew that I should give it a try. After all when  I visit my parents’ house the stone farmhouse floors are flipping chilly and a pair of cosy footmitts seem like an excellent idea.

I’m so glad I did. There was something incredibly satisfying about this pattern. It genuinely is super easy to adapt so you make the slippers exactly the right size for your feet. Look though aren’t they cute!

Hooray slippers!

Hooray slippers!

I took a couple of tries to get the width right. The key is to make the initial circle really quite small compared to your actual toes. Squish it in half to see the actual diameter across your feet. Be aware that the first  couple of rows without increasing will still add width to the slippers.

I would suggest that you want to err on the small side and let the slippers cling and stretch over your feet rather than make them loose. Particularly if like me you make the opening on the top fairly big and low. The yarn will relax with time anyway and they will get bigger.

Anyway, I have wide feet and find buying shoes a bit of a trauma so making something for my feet that fit just right was a very cheering experience. They worked up super quickly taking just one evening of watching old episodes of Hill Street Blues on Channel4.com. I can imagine that I would make these again for gifts and I think they would look lovely with various forms of decoration for those that like that sort of thing. Me, I’m happy to keep these simple. I think the variegation from the yarn is decoration enough.

Anyone else made anything so simple and satisfying lately?

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