Blocking wire tantrum

Where are my blocking wires?

I have finally finished my much frogged lilac lace shawl. It’s smaller than I hoped, perhaps more of a shawlette but that’s ok. I can live with that. What I can’t live without is the blocking wires I ordered on Etsy all of 8 days ago (March 13th) and still haven’t received. Grrr.

It’s not that I’m impatient much. Well ok, I am when it comes to crochet.

I’ve done all the¬† woooooork. I wanna see how it loooooks! [in best whiny toddler voice]

At present the whole thing is definitely a bit out of shape with certain areas having been pulled out during the making and others remaining tight and springy. Also I think that the yarn will soften considerably during the washing. Perhaps I should just wash it and stretch it out gently just to get an idea….


I’m going to leave it so it’ll be more of a surprise when it’s done.

The shawl is currently about 104cm across and 43cm from the centre to the edge in the middle. These should really have aratio of 2:1 so you can imagine how much it’s going to change when I get it blocked.

The wires¬† and pins are coming over from France and were dispatched on March 14th. According to Ro, who runs the shop, the post is a bit erratic and I should get in touch if I don’t have them by March 27th. They send by standard mail so I have no way of knowing how soon it should all be here.

Anyway I don’t blame them for trying to keep shipping costs low and that’s very welcome because the equivalent set on amazon was at least a fiver dearer. Still…

I want my blocking wires!

Throws self to ground. Drums heels. Gets up. Brushes fluff off jumper.

Goes off to do some proper work.

(With a promise that photos of the shawl both before and after blocking will follow once I get my parcel.)