So, yeah… a blog and stuff…

I’ve been meaning to start this blog up for ages and then I joined Ravelry and it asked for my blog details and I didn’t have one. So I thought ‘well damnit I need to just DO this’.

I cook on a near daily basis, yes even when I’m really tired. I find it relaxing in a flow activity kind of way and at the end of a tiresome day doing something vaguely creative makes me feel much better about myself. I like making up and adapting recipes and I wanted to record some of my successes as well as the hilarious failures.

I don’t have photos but here are some things I’ve made that I hope to make again and post about:

  • grapefruit and herb salad
  • apple and kohlrabi slaw
  • sponge cake with fleur d’orange icing
  • lamb shank in red wine and spices
  • bitter chocolate and orange sponge in its own sauce
  • puy lentils in coconut cream
  • pink pomegranate cake
  • garlic baked avocados

If any of these catches your fancy please let me know in the comments and I will try to make it sooner rather than later.

I also wanted a place to waffle about my crochet. I only started crocheting quite recently and I’m finding it fascinating learning about the mechanics of the whole thing. Crochet is an interesting world because on the one hand it has loads of potential as a craft, you can make beautiful items quite simply with the right choice of yarn etc. On the other hand lots of the patterns out there seem to be rather trite, clumsy and/or ugly. Definitely a bit folksy or kawaii. I want to make crochet items that are original but don’t scream ‘homemade’.

One of my successes (for which I actually have a photo) is this stole which I made for a friend of mine:

Feather Stole in Hand Dyed 100% Blue Leicester Laceweight Yarn

Feather Stole

The yarn is from the lovely hand dyed laceweight range. It was labelled red but was actually a kind of salmon/raspberry colour. I still have about 50g of that so am looking forward to using the rest.

2 Comments on “So, yeah… a blog and stuff…”

  1. nikky says:

    I NEED the baked avocado recipe in order to make my life complete.

    I’d also be interested in the puy lentils and the apple and kohlrabi slaw. Mainly because I’ve never eaten kohlrabi and need to know what the hell it is…

    • quincetart says:

      The avocado recipe is scheduled to come up in the next couple of days. I can do the puy lentils and the slaw soon after that. Slaw first perhaps just so you can begin to enjoy the crunchy freshness that is kohlrabi.

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